What type of eye protection can I use when working with chemicals?


Last Update 4 years ago

Goggles and face shields marked ‘3’ are suitable for working with chemicals. The 3 marking refers to liquid droplets for goggles and liquid splash for face shields, meaning the product will provide a barrier against liquid droplets or liquid splash respectively.

Generally, goggles with liquid droplet protection should be worn for spraying liquids. For pouring liquids, a face shield with splash protection would be appropriate. In all cases it is important to consider the risk from any potential contact with the chemical – a goggle in combination with a face shield is safest, as it provides tight-fitting eye protection and full facial coverage.

Eye and face protectors will not withstand repeated contact with certain chemical substances and should not be used if the lens material is damaged, discoloured, or made brittle after contact with a liquid. 

Polycarbonate, acetate, and co-polyester lenses each have strengths and weaknesses against a range of liquid chemical hazards, to determine which is most suitable for a particular application please contact our Technical Department.

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