What is the difference between EN 397 and EN 12492 helmets? Can I have both?


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The main difference between these two head protection standards is the intended usage, which results in different requirements. EN 397 specifies the requirements for industrial safety helmets, which primarily provide protection against falling objects, whereas EN 12492 covers helmets for use in mountaineering which includes a risk of swinging and repeated all-round impact.

EN 12492 helmets have different requirements for the harness or cradle, which must feature an integral chinstrap that does not break under force. EN 397 helmets, however, do not require a mandatory chinstrap, and an optional chinstrap must break under a force of between 150N and 250N to reduce the risk of a wearer being injured by becoming caught in machinery in an industrial environment. EN 12492 helmets also feature an internal impact liner to improve side impact protection.

With the growing need for a helmet to meet both standards, JSP developed the Dualswitch™ system which allows the user to change between the two standards by flicking a switch. EVO®5 Dualswitch™ and EVO® Vista™ Dualswitch™ helmets are fully tested and certified to both EN 397 and EN 12492."

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