Do you offer retractable eye protection or faceshields for your helmets?


Last Update 4 years ago

"Yes, JSP offers a range of helmet-mounted eye and face protection.

EVOSpec® safety eyewear is a retractable polycarbonate eye shield, available in clear and smoke lenses, offering impact and UV protection. The spectacle fits easily to EVO® helmets and retracts inside the helmet shell when not in use.

EVOGuard® visors, available in clear and mesh options, offer a range of protective properties including up to A-rated impact resistance and arc flash protection. The visors are compatible with EVO® range helmets as well as EVOGuard® browguard systems with the same simple fitting.

Alternatively, JSP EVO® VISTA™ and EVO® VISTA™ DUALSWITCH™ helmets are combined units offering integrated head and eye protection."

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